Characters not moving

2 years ago (edited)

Hi to all,

Finding that after interacting with a square block in the library/magic tower, that the characters are not allowed to move back up the platforms to the statue where the first clue for that quest. Loading saves and autosaves isn't fixing the issue, either is exiting out of the game completely. Therefore, not able to progress any further. Any ideas?

"I don't have to outrun the Ogre. I only have to outrun you!" (Expeditious Retreat)

Level 14
2 years ago (edited)

Move the camera around. I often have this problem in the library, depending on the view angle of the camera, especially at the spot near the entrance but one level below, where you have to push this block to reach the 1st statue, Solasta seems not to interpret correctly where the player points with the mouse. It's very hard to get the correct camera position there.

Rotate it, zoom in/out, or shift the camera level up/down (shift+scroll wheel when the gizmo at the center of the compass is unlocked) until you can click on the right spot on the ground.