Character Edit

1 year ago

Within the main menu, now, you can go to your characters and "Inspect" them and see their backstory, proficiencies, etc.  However, you cannot edit any aspect of that if you want to tweak your character in any way. Instead, if you want to make changes to your character you basically have to delete them, re-create them, and then restart a campaign with those new changes. 

Is there any possible way we could get a patch to allow us to actually edit our characters instead of having to delete them and recreate them...?  Maybe a simple fix is just taking that character and re-stepping them back into the original character creation screen, but saving all of the physical settings we created for them. 

Thanks, loving your game! :)

Level 14
1 year ago

I'm 90% sure that inspect feature has been there most of the Early Access, but I agree on editing characters. I would also love a barber / salon to change hair, beard and makeup (including color).

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Level 6
6 months ago

Hi everyone!

I'm pushing this topic back to the front line because unless I'm mistaken there is still no way to edit. 

At least background would be real nice, as well as the ability to clone characters because sometimes you'd like to see how a character would grow in different ways, or maybe "upgrade" a character for a high-level one-shot to see how an idea fares in actual play.