Character creation - edit equipment - weapon issues

Level 9
2 years ago

Version: 0.4.21 Public

I created two characters (Paladin, Fighter).  For the Paladin, I changed the weapons to start with 2 Greatswords.  This worked fine and they showed up in his inventory when I started the adventure.

For the Fighter though, I picked two Scimitars.  I noticed at the time that "Scimitar" (and "Greataxe") both appear in the list twice.  When I started the adventure, the character only had one Scimitar in their inventory.  I can't recall if I picked the same entry both times, or if I picked the first entry once and the second entry the second time.

At any rate, "Scimitar" and "Greataxe" only need to show up once each, especially if the second entry is buggy and won't show up in inventory when you start.