Character creation bug(?). Issue with selecting spells.

1 year ago

Hey there, so I've noticed this issue after the Sorcerer update was implemented. With classes that allow you to make Spell selections, I am able to go through the Creation process perfectly fine until it is time to choose spells. 

What will happen is I have to choose my cantrips, which I am able to do. But then I am pushed to the next tab which is "Unlearn Spells". And here lies the issue. Clicking "Ignore" does not do anything. Clicking on any cantrips and then going back to the Cantrip selection screen will make them greyed out and unable to be selected. I have been able to grey out all the cantrips so that it becomes impossible to select any cantrips at all. 

This has happened with the Sorcerer, Wizard, and Artificer (class added from Mod). I have been able to make classes from mods before the patch, as I already have an Artificer. If I could get some insight into what may be happening I would really appreciate it. I haven't been able to make any new magic characters since the sorcerer update and I am still really wanting to try out all the new content I haven't experienced. All Mods are up to date.

 I've included a link to screenshots of both the bug screen and the mod list.Screenshots

1 year ago

Make sure all your mods are updated. For example, the Flexible Backgrounds mod caused something similar but was fixed in version 0.0.2.