Character characteristics (stats)

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I apologize for any errors. English is not my native language.
I did a little investigation about the stats (characteristics) of the characters and get some really interesting data. Now i have a few questions for the game developers.

Vigdis. She is a snow dwarf... i am not really skilled DND player, but i know that in players main handbook there is only hill dwarves and mountain dwarves. Hill dwarf has bonus to wisdom, its better for Priest then strength and it fits Vigdis. Keep in maind, that Hill Dwarf has bonus for constitution 2 (so Vigdis has 13 + 2) and wisdom 1 (17 + 1). The other stats is 13, 10, 10, 10. According to standard character creation rules, we have 27 points to spend. Stat value 8 costs 0 points, value 9 is 1 point, etc. let's count the Vigdi's stats without wisdom. It will be 5, 2, 5, 2, 2 = 16. So we have 11 points to the last stat - wisdom.
And here is the problem. According to standard character creation rules, maximum stats value can be 15 + racial bonus. Value 15 costs 9 points. Then we admit that in Solasta charecter can have stat more then 15 on start (because Vigdis has at least 16-17). So if stats 14 costs 7 points, 15 costs 9 points, than stats 16 can cost 11 points and it fits! We have 27 points spent! Aaaand we have 17 wisdom, but Vigdis have 18... Ok, I allow myself some speculation. If snow dwarfs have racial bonus wisdom + 2 (not +1), then we have wisdom 16 + 2 and its finaly 18. Hooray! Puzzle solved! But what with other 3 charecters?

Lets take a look on Garrad, he is a human, so he have +1 for all his stats. Without racial bonus it's 17, 9, 14, 10, 9 and 12. And again we have stat more than 15, it's strength. The other 5 stats costs 1+7+2+1+4 points = 15 points, so we have left 12. Is it possible, that stat 15 costs 9 points, 16 costs 11 points and so 17 costs 12 points? Looks weird but let's say it's true. Well, it fits with our previous conclusions, more or less.

Further more. Rhuad is a Sylvan elf. I dont see this kind of elfs in players main handbook. I will assume that he is a wood elf. So, lets count. He have racial bonus to dexterity +2 and wisdom +1. Without racial bonus It's 12, 17, 11, 13, 9 and 15. Again we have stat more than 15, it's dexterity. But this time the other 5 stats summery cost is 4+3+5+1+9 = 22. And we have only 5 points that we can spend on dexterity, so it will be 13. But Rhuad have 17 +2 racial. At that moment my head exploded. If he is the High elf, the situation does not change. It's 4+3+4+2+9 = 22.
After some deliberation, I got a strange thought. But what if in the Solasta the characters will increase the characteristics with each level increase? So at first level Rhuad has dexterity 13+2 = 15. On second level it was 17, and on 3 lvl (which we have in demo) it is 19. WOOOOOW! Whaaaat?! Why it fits?

My calculations scared me. Please explain how character characteristics work in this game. Developers, perhaps you just tweaked the stats of each character for the sake of balance in the demo version? Or am I missing something important? Please give an answer.

1 week ago

The rules used for this game are from the 5E SRD where is only lists one of each race. Solasta had to define other race subtypes to us as they are not allowed to use the race subtypes in the "Player's Handbook". You will see a lot of the Game Designer's own creations to fill the gaps that are omitted in the 5E SRD, such as class archetypes, race subtypes, and feats to name a few. Hope that answers some of your questions. 

1 week ago

Thanks for the answer! I studied the articles on the site in more detail, including the article on character creation. I thought that when creating a character you can only use the Point Buy system with 27 points. But i was wrong, in Solasta we can use standard  dice rolls with 4d6 drop 1. That fact, plus your ancer, gave me full understanding. 

t is very good that the game will have its own subraces and archetypes. However, I really hope that the game will have something like an encyclopedia in which you can study everything in detail before proceeding with the creation of the character. I would also very much like to see a section in the encyclopedia dedicated to monsters. Perhaps it will be replenished directly during the game? Only after the player has a good understanding of this particular kind of monster?

Surely they will differ from those presented in the standard rules. I prefer to know the weaknesses of the enemy!