Character Background options for travel RP

2 years ago

Loving the game so far, but one small issue that I think takes away from the role play nature of 5e is seeing the random things that it shows characters do during travel and how they seem to have no connection to characters backstories.

For example: I have a wizard who has the academic background with traits like pragmatic and egotistical that I will often see praying during travel. This character would not at all pray according to the background I've given her.

I think a simple solution would be to give us an additional background options screen during character creation to help indicate things they may or may not do like that. Then not only can my high int, academic wizard who only believes in her own power and intelligence doesn't wind up doing things out of character just for the sake of randomness. Likewise, then if I wanted to have a character with a similar background but who maybe still follows the traditions of her religious parents, I could also select an option to do some of those "out of character" things to bring more depth to the character.

Maybe pretty meaningless overall for the game, but would help to really bring the DnD/tabletop foundation of the game out.