Character appearance edit

Level 4
3 months ago

Can we please edit the appearance of our character after the start of the game. Just cosmetic is fine, skin tone, hair color, hair/beard, etc... Thanks.

Level 14
3 months ago

Yes please. Especially since they've changed the character creator twice since Early Access now.

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

Level 6
3 months ago

Voices too. I way too often forget to pick voices at the end, or can't remember what other voices I have on other characters. With only 3 options per gender it's too easy to wind up with duplicate voices, which is actually really jarring.

Benny Boy

Level 7
3 months ago

+1 to this idea. Some games have a "Magic Mirror" or something similar that allow you to fully change your appearance (and voice) while you are in-game but, even if this feature was out-of-game, it would be appreciated.

3 months ago

I created a party, only to find out after a few hours in the game that one of my party members looks identical to an important NPC (same hairstyle, skin color and face - only without the ageing slider ramped up like my characer). It looks really silly (and it is a bit confusing). 

If I could only change the hairstyle, it would be enough for me.