Characte XP

8 months ago (edited)

Hi again, I had a question about the XPs that are assigned to the characters. In the demo all take the same amount of XP on the various occasions that happen in the demo. Will there be instead the possibility of having XP assigned to the individual character for a check that he passed individually or for a particular action he performed alone? I'd like everyone to have his specific prize and not all the characters progressing to the same level.

Tactical Myzzrym
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Tactical Adventures Dev
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8 months ago

This is something we still have to discuss about!^^

Tactical Zaz
Level 8
8 months ago

Aha, this goes against the "party spirit", but it makes sense. I also find it a bit dull to have everyone have exactly the same XP progression. But as Myzzrym said, we don't have a consensus on that yet :)

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8 months ago

I agree with Tactical Zaz on this topic.  When I first started playing AD&D 2nd Edition the groups I was in would follow the rules as written and assign XP for good roleplaying and other character decisions as a reward.  I felt proud about my character earning those extra XP and would try harder as a player to earn them.  When more players are trying to roleplay their characters well it often makes for a better experience for everyone.

In the past 20 years it has become common in groups I've played in to ignore XP altogether and simply have everyone level up after a certain number of adventures have been completed.  This is less interesting and it also means some players can simply coast through a session and their character still progress at the same rate.

So how does that translate into a CRPG (computer role playing game) such as Solasta?  Well, that's for you talented people to figure out, but here are some suggestions.  A thief should be rewarded for being a thief.  Only a foolish party member with a deathwish would argue against a thief disarming a trap, spotting an ambush, unlocking a door, or getting bonus XP for killing an enemy via backstab.  Other character classes should also have opportunities to earn profession XP.  Characters who use party supporting abilities, such as bard song or light cantrip, should earn a portion of the XP that they earn while under the benefit.

This could be a tough thing to balance in a CRPG, so maybe it is too complicated to implement well, but I wanted to toss the idea out there for you think about. I'm sure your talented staff have many other great ideas and will have interesting discussions about them.