Champion (Fighter) - Suggested revision

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1 month ago (edited)

Hello to all the TA team, 

My experience is that no one ever mentions the existence of the Champion subclass.  The D&D community often claims it is a good class for new players, yet how many experienced ones would play it for a whole campaign (except to multiclass).  I noticed on the forums here that some players like one or two features, and some might multiclass with it in the tabletop game. 

Anyhow, I made the following proposition on the Dungeon Masters Guild site and you can of course use it (in part or in whole) as it is free and a SRD revision

I made sure to keep it simple, which is important for that peculiar archetype, in fact maintaining all the SRD features, while making this subclass more attractive in the face of the other official Fighter Martial Archetypes

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