Censored Text in game

2 months ago

So I've been playing the game through PC GamePass for a while now, and while I have purchased all the DLCs, since the main game was included, I hadn't purchased that yet. When playing there seems to be a pretty strict text filter on, words like pass, knight, and something, show as p***, k***ht, and so****ing. I've talked to people that play the game through other means and they don't have this issue. If I purchase the game through the Xbox app on my PC where I have purchased the DLC, will this censorship go away? I just want to make sure its not somehow built into the play anywhere games or something. 

I made this same post in general discussion, but I've reposted this in this category in hope of actually getting an answer. Has anyone else bought the game through the xbox app on PC, and can they confirm if text is still censored in this way for them or not?