Censored Text in game

5 months ago

So I've been playing the game through PC GamePass for a while now, and while I have purchased all the DLCs, since the main game was included, I hadn't purchased that yet. When playing there seems to be a pretty strict text filter on, words like pass, knight, and something, show as p***, k***ht, and so****ing. I've talked to people that play the game through other means and they don't have this issue. If I purchase the game through the Xbox app on my PC where I have purchased the DLC, will this censorship go away? I just want to make sure its not somehow built into the play anywhere games or something. 

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5 months ago

Can we presume you have double checked the settings ?  I know, you probably have, but I have to ask.

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5 months ago

I don't know of a setting for anything like that in Solasta, and I don't have any type of filters or restrictions turned on for my xbox / microsoft account that I could find either. 

5 months ago (edited)

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