Cataclysm + Ironman mode tips

Level 1
11 months ago (edited)

Ok so I finished the game all the way through on Scavenger and now I want to do it on the hardest difficulty but I've spent all day on this and I'm embarassed to say that I've lost 6 parties on the first sorak fight when you escape the fort. I've been playing and DMing 5e D&D since it was in beta, I don't think I'm bui bad characters or parties - on my last 2 parties I even rerolled the stats until each character had at least 1 score of 19 or 20. But like... every time an enemy crits a character goes down and the way the initiative's worked out, they either die before I can get them a Healing Word or we get into a cycle where I heal them, they go down and get hit for 2 death saves, I heal them ag ain, and so on until I'm out of spell slots. Also bad dice streaks are brutal for me because my characters just don't have time to be rolling 2s and 3s before they eventually get ganged up on and murdered.

On my 7th party I finally got past the 2 sorak fights in that dungeon but died to a silly mistake - I put my cleric in the way of a falling pillar while my rogue was trying to get to a chest and no one else could use the revivify scroll.

Anyone have any tips? It really seems to be down to RNG on this difficulty and like... how can your luck hold for the entire campaign? Lmao.

11 months ago

I play with mostly random parties on Tactical, and can tell you for certain that many of my parties don't make it out of the Sorak cave. If you DO make it out of the cave, you should be OK until you get to Bone Keep.

But remember that Tac/Cat mode gives them plus to attack rolls. They WILL be hitting more often than normal.