Cant see spell on my list, different pictures on my new characters, smith problem,feat not working

1 year ago (edited)

1..  Usually i cant see Spiritual Wepon and Prayer of Healing in my list after i prepared them. randomly they appear if they want :).

2.. i had already deleted  all my characters but when i create a new one and create a new game that class picture appear to my new character window, some time later it changed again.

3.. at paladin i cant select smith level anymore when it proc.

4.. creed of arun feat is not working. when i get rapier

Level 4
1 year ago (edited)

1. Just to check the obvious, but these spells will only show up in the main Cast a Spell dialog outside of combat. In combat you need to be using the red shaded Bonus Action spell cast - are you looking in the right spell list?

edit - Prayer of Healing probably doesn't show up in combat at all, it's a 10 minute cast. I've never prepared it so not sure.

4. I believe the in-game description is wrong. Creed of Arun is not the dual wielding Feat, it's a Resilient feat - a half feat adding +1 to CON and giving you proficiency in the Saving Throw. I think Ambidextrous is the feat you're looking for.