cant save my current game and lost some progression if not all -

1 year ago (edited)

yeah , so i just got the crown , i played 6-7 hours since the new update came to be -.

picked it up, couldent save, odd - okay i went to the fire and toke a long rest , assumed at least the auto save would kick .

thought just to be sure . went to the over world map -

still couldent Manuel save..

i quite course why bother keep playing when i cant save, though at least i can go back to an auto save

i  restarted the game , somehow there was  auto save before the big fight - and my other saves 5-6 of them, 

but when i try to go saving it - it locks it out  / wont ,-so i cant progress as i cant save .. fix ???

back up your save files foks 

, so i would recommend the devs to look in to this issue in this area / fight -

1 year ago

there is a hotfix now but i leave it here ,untill its fixed 

Level 14
1 year ago

Don't use the hotfix, saved files are corrupted with it.

1 year ago (edited)

well to late on that  if it does - but at least i passed the area and can save - re load 

though now i am stuck at dark castle - combat turn wont end -