Can't Save Game

2 years ago

This issue has been reported numerous times since the Spring Update.  Some shortly after the update went live.  Once the Vipers are dead in Caer Lem, you can no longer save your game.  No quicksave, no manual save, and no autosave.  Would be really nice if we could get some sort of acknowledgement from the Dev's that they are aware of the issue and will upload a hotfix as soon as the issue has been resolved.  Kind of makes the game unplayable at the moment.

Level 3
2 years ago (edited)

I fully understand that devs are focusing to the development of the game instead of spending their time in forums by replying to every comment but I agree that for obvious bugs some acknowledgement from the devs would be appropriate. Something like this would be enough:

a) Acknowledged. Hotfix will be issued the soonest.

b) Acknowledged. Will be fixed later in larger hotfix package together with some other minor bugs.

c) Acknowledged. Will be fixed by the actual release of the game (v 1.0).

d) Not a bug / Will not be implement / etc.