Can't return to the wizard tower

Level 1
9 months ago

When I go to the wizard tower, it just sits at the loading screen. I need to get the second clue..
I tried verifying file, but it did not work.

Simon Orme
Level 1
9 months ago

Same Here, I journeyed back as I now have Misty Step and Jump spells to try to get to the chests I missed on the first time, when I arrived there I am stuck at the loading screen, it eventually freezes the whole computer not even ctrl-alt-delete works

9 months ago

Same problem here. Trying to get to the tower to pick up an item I missed, and it doesn't load. Also, in the bone keep, the skeletons drop bags with arrows that never empty, so there is an unlimited supply of arrows there.

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Level 7
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9 months ago

Same issue here, hangs on loading the library on a return visit.

The arrow thing is true, after beating the skeletons at bone keep my party had enough arrows to fight the battle of Agincourt alone.

The arrows are not unlimited for me, they eventually count down until one remains then the bag disappears.


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Level 1
9 months ago

Today I got this error message

Level 3
8 months ago

I am having same issue with returning visit to "Tower of Magic"  no error message, just loading screen for extended period time (over an hour while I had lunch this last time)

Verified files, no issue with files.

Load older saves.  Same issue.

I have not created a new campaign and replayed to a point where I can return to Tower of Magic.

I have saved files I can upload if it helps.