Can't recast a concentration spell - Dancing Lights

Level 9
2 years ago

On the fight at the end of the Caer Lem dungeon where you're battling across the pillars, I cast Dancing Lights to get a better shot at one of the enemies.

After it was dead, I tried moving the Dancing Lights to another one; but it wasn't able to jump across from one pillar to another.  So I figured "okay, I'll just recast it where I want it.

When I tried this, I got a warning saying "You'll lose concentration on Dancing Lights".  I was okay with that because I was trying to recast it anyway.  But... it wouldn't let me.  The original Dancing Lights remained and a new one did not appear where I wanted it.

There are two possible fixes for this:

1) Treat Dancing Lights as a flying entity so that it can just zoom across gaps.   (This would be ideal since it would save the action of re-casting it.)

2) Allow me to recast it.  Have the old one get destroyed and a new one appear where I target.

Treating Dancing Lights as a flying character would make sense and be the better fix if you can do it.