Can't publish twice the same mod

1 year ago

Hi everyone,

I published a mod made by me. Then, because of a change I wanted to do, I deleted it.

I then made the changes I intended but from there I can't publish again my mod. I am being told there is a problem with the uploading.

I then tried a second mod, just make sure the problem wasn't my mod and I got the same result: the first time I upload, everything goes well and from the second time it is impossible to publish again your works.

Is there any way I can bypass this problem without renaiming my modules?

Thanks in advance for any reply


1 year ago (edited)

OK, just found out it's a bug. 

The workaround is to open .json file in your C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta\UserContent\Locations directory and put 0 after the label PublishedItemId.

You can open your file with a text editor.

Problem solved.