Cant prepare spells

Greg Spanier
Level 1
2 years ago

My wizard just hit 3rd everyone leveled up and cleric prepared his spells, but when I go to prepare, none of the spells are shown under level 1 and 2. Is there something I am supposed to do?


Level 5
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2 years ago

For me every time I finish a long rest there's a 'prepare spells' button that appears that I click on, and all the spells are there to select from. Can't give much more advice without knowing what you're seeing.

2 years ago

It would actually make more sense if the "Prepare spells" action takes place at the beginning of the long rest


Level 7
2 years ago (edited)

Spell preparation and spell slots are a kludge from the very beginning. You need a certain amount of rest so that you are clear headed and in the right frame of mind to memorize a boat load of spells each day. Therefore, you need the rest before spell preparation rather than after.  

There might be a better way, but hey, its D&D after all.

David Kalber
Level 4
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2 years ago

So far I have not had any glitches preparing spells but there are a few things to take note of.  First, cantrips are never prepared but instead picked so they will never have to option to prepare them when clicking the Prepare Spells button.  Second, if you are a Cleric, your Domain spells are always prepared BUT they appear to be greyed out so its easy to confuse them with not being prepared.  You should still see them available to cast.  As everyone else said, the only time you can prepare spells is after a Long Rest and clicking the button.

Now semi-related, when I leveled to 3 and was  picking spells for my Wizard to learn, I didn't notice the Level 2 spells so I picked Level 1 spells instead.  Level two was just further to the right and I missed it like a dummy but there are some short cuts near the bottom of the screen (C I II) that if you click on it would take you to that level of spell to more easily pick spells for that level.

Hopefully that prevents someone else from making the same mistake.