Can't load certain saves

Level 11
1 year ago (edited)

[Save files, log, etc. and game/system info are given at the end]

Some of the saves can't be loaded - they spit out an error and force to quit the game. I've noticed it twice after the last update - once with an autosave in tutorial (I think it was Autosave 3, not sure in which tutorial though) and once with a manual save in another playthrough.

Error message:

That link if entered in browser manually leads to a 404 error, but clicking it in-game redirects here. I did what is described there, and Integrity of files check completed sucessfully, no issues have been found.

Player log reflects the following actions:

  1. Open the game
  2. Load Autosave 5 - loads fine
  3. Load 3_1 - fails to load, spits the error on the screenshot above
  4. Close the game

Autosave 5 was made when finishing a random encounter while traveling to the Ancient Tower ("Report to Carran" main quest). Then I gathered the loot, countinued the travel and made the erroneous 3_1 save right after entering the destination location.

It might be related to the loot I picked up - I've noticed that Orc Shortbow doesn't have damage specified. Those Orc archers definitely did damage though) And there were no Orc shortbows in my inventory in tutorial when I've got another corrupted save. And log indicates an error with camera mode rather than with items.

Google Drive folder with all the files (saves, log, pics):

Game info: version 0.5.42 in Spring Hotfix Beta branch, Steam.

System info: Windows 7 (64 bit) SP1, Intel Core i5-4570, 16 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1070, 1080p monitor.

Level 11
1 year ago (edited)

UPD: When I arrive to the location, camera is blurry (unfocused) and characters aren't selected. When I select characters, camera bacomes normal again. I guess that's the cause - saving when camera is unfocused and/or characters aren't selected.