Can't Leave Gallivan Border

3 months ago (edited)

Just killed General Blunt and been given directions to Glendale Castle by Capt. Ashdown. No blue boxes appear on either entrance so I'm currently stuck in purgatory. I'm really enjoying Palace of Ice so please help!

3 months ago


Sorry to hear that you are having such troubles.

There should be a new exit appearing North-East (compass orientation) of the map, where the mini map marker is leading (straight forward from General Blunt last location). 

If it is not present, in order to investigate this issue more thoroughly, could you please send us your save at ?

You can find them in the folder C:\Users\...\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta

It would help us identify if anything might have occurred specifically in your run that might cause this issue.

Thank you for your time!