Can't get Arcaneum relation up to 80 without aristocrate background

1 year ago

So I just finished another playthrough in which I gave every item to Surespell and I ended up with 79 relation points with Arcaneum and I didn't get the last achievement. I escaped Caer Lem outpost with Robar and Lisbeth for two achievements and pick four different background than last time. So I didn't have aristocrate background for additional relation points and it seems to be one more relic for Arcaneum if player escape Caer Lem with lieutenant Beryl. I thing such abstract choices shouldn't affect faction relationship and anyone who will do all quests and give every possible item to signle faction should aquire max rep.

1 year ago

I was wondering why I couldn't get living legend with them.....

Hopefully they can add a mechanic where you can donate to the faction to get reputation points. (Or something similar)

Level 6
1 year ago

Ouch! I split my artifacts between the Arcaneum and the Antiquarians but missed out on getting either to maximum reputation.  This was my first playthrough so I thought that perhaps while I couldn't boost all of the faction reputations to maximum, two of them wasn't necessarily unreasonable...whoops!

Granted I have only finished the game once, but I feel that the reputation bonuses need to be buffed so that you can boost a couple of the factions to maximum without relying on the background reputation buffs (I wasn't even aware of their being quests based on you background choices when I started).

Level 14
1 year ago

Just FYI: If you use "just missed you" on Maddy (Tower of Knowledge), you gain a few faction points. It is usable once for each time you are in town (maybe once a day; I haven't experimented). I ground Tower of Knowledge up to Living Legend without dropping a single item there.

I absolutely agree that this is an issue. I understand that some things have to be tradeoffs, but full focus on one faction should give you the best rep.

Level 14
1 year ago

Just FYI: If you use "just missed you" on Maddy (Tower of Knowledge), you gain a few faction points. 

shhhhh, i thought that was my secret, ;)

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