Can't fly over certain gaps/invisible and undetected creatures trigger range proximity disadvantage

Simon Haldon
Level 6
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2 years ago

Two bugs/features in my current playthrough using the KS early full release. 

Firstly, invisible creatures in proximity to a character trigger the disadvantage when a character tries to make a ranged attack - thereby giving away the fact that an invisible creature is right behind and about to stab you! Invisible creatures should not trigger that disadvantage.

Secondly SPOILERS the Fly scroll did not let me fly across the gap to the revolving bridge control when I wanted to return to the far side *after* completing the side quest in Caer Lem and then returning for a third visit (because I remembered I missed a chest). I also found Fly did not allow my character in the Academic background quest to fly over the final section inside the tower into the central bit of the library area, after defeating all the skeletons. He had to expire the spell and walk.