can't find my "Backer Code"

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1 month ago (edited)

This website asks for my Backer Code when I want to link my kickstarter account to this forum account. I don't see this number anywhere.  I've used my Backer number (with and without the comma) but that doesn't work.  I also tried my confirmation number from the early email I received back in September 2019.  Why does the site keep rejecting my entry for Backer Code.  Where is Backer Code?!!! Can't find that anywhere in Kickstarer.

Tactical Myzzrym
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1 month ago (edited)

Hey there Nethalar, you have already redeemed your backer code (which is why your avatar has a border)^^'

For those who may be confused: The link on Crowdox Digital Fulfillment email pre-fill the backer code so it works without you having to write it down somewhere.