Can't enter city - infinite loading screen

2 years ago

Hey dev's (and everybody else),

I guess I encountered a bug. I had my party return form their first trip (where you look for Hendrik). After the last battle I went into the green area which indicates the leaving zone. After that the cutscene started and the world map opened. I selected the city (I don't recall the name, it's the city where you start after the tutorial) and my party began travelling until they reached the city. Then I had an infinite loading screen. I ended the game and tried again, same result. So I thought maybe it's my savegame. I created new characters and started a new game, went through the tutorial and the dialog with the one from the council. After that I got the loading screen for loading the city and got stuck there again. This didn't happen before the last update, so there might have gone something wrong? I don't know. Maybe someone can help me?