Can't drop quest item even though I don't have the quest - ie even Harder Encumbrance mode

2 years ago

Version: 0.4.14 b

So I failed to get the quest from the ghost, Argi, (intimidation roll failed) however I had already gotten his bones all collected so they are in a party members inventory and now I can't drop them.

So I see that as having a few options, one is that one cannot pick up a quest item if you don't have the quest (simple line "I feel that I shouldn't take those right now"), two is that if you don't have the quest active that is tied to the item, you can drop them out of your inventory. And third would be that you can continue trying to get the quest (ie talk again with him once you have the bones or be able to apologize).

Guess it is time to get that Hauler feat so that I can lug these bones around.

2 years ago

Found another quest item that I cannot drop. The Adventurer's Journal that gives you the sequence to activate the portal to teh Necromancy Master. Luckily that is only 0.1 instead of 6 for weight.

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2 years ago

Noted, thanks