Can't automatically use Create Food during travelling

Level 11
2 years ago (edited)

The shiny new option of automatically using Create Food during travelling is greyed out for me, even though I can cast this spell after random encounters just fine with my level 6 Life domain Cleric (the one from pregen).

I've used a save from the patch right before the winter update. It did load and the only oddity with spells I've noticed is that the game had other spells prepared, not the ones I've prepared before the update. But even after manually changing prepared spells on a long rest and preparing Create Food, the option is still greyed out and traveling food counter doesn't increase other than from hunting.

Save file from before the winter update:

Save file after the update, with Create Food spell prepared:

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2 years ago

Aye I've seen this from quite a few players, noted

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2 years ago

I'm having the same issue too. 

UnknownFate has spoken.

Level 1
2 years ago

I am also having the same issue.  I have Create Food prepared but it is greyed out in the Travel Options stating, "No player has this spell prepared"

2 years ago

Yes, same issue. Have even gone to the Inn, swapped "Create Food" with another spell and then swapped it effect. Seems this would be an easy fix.

Level 4
2 years ago

This problem still persists in spring update

2 years ago

Hi all,

As aboove.

In the travel menu.. the option to create food and water is ticked.. but it tells me no-one in my party is capble. Which is not correct. 

Level 11
2 years ago


  1. Autocast Create Food option for Clerics is unavailable until level 7, as if the game wants them to upcast it for some reason.
  2. When Autocast Create Food option is available (is prepared by Cleric level 7+), it can't be turned off - the checkbox can't be unchecked.


  1. Players should be able to enable autocast even when the spell isn't prepared, as a Cleric would be able to prepare it after the first long rest. The better way to deal with it is to allow to change certain travelling settings during travel, such as food autocast and interrupt on rest.
  2. Paladins have Create Food spell from level 9. I hope they can autocast it during travel when we get our parties to level 9+ in 1.0 release content :)
Level 7
2 years ago

In 0.4.21, the Create Food autocast became enabled after Kythaela joins the party (or maybe after she receives her spellbook? Don't remember exactly). Happened to me around lvl 6. Prior to that, only manual casting during random encounters worked.