Cannot view DungeonMaker tab

4 months ago


I have been playing Solasta for quite sometime and played it w/o any mods. After beating the campaigns, I decided to download the UB1 mod. After downloading the mod, I decided i might take a stab at creating my own campaign as well. Well, After a few hours of creating my dungeon, the dungeon maker stopped working and so, I restarted the game. After restarting, I could not enter the dungeon maker at all and it said that the mods may be hindering access to the dungeon maker. So, I uninstalled the mod and I am still having the same issue with not being able to access the dungeon maker. When I click the dungeonmaker tab, the box opens from the menu as if I should have access to the dungeon maker however, no other content loads. I am unable to see anything, my campaigns, or any of the buttons. I tried verifying the files through steam, uninstalling solasta and reinstalling, deleting the files of the campaign i had with the mods used. I'm out of options at this point and Don't know what to do. I would very much like to have access to the dungeon maker again.

Any ideas are helpful,

Thank you!