Cannot redeem my Kickstarter PDF Rulebook

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2 years ago (edited)

Link is just a link to the code...

Where is the PDF?

Any help is welcome.

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2 years ago

Same problem here ! :D

2 years ago

Same here, but I received this message when I notified them by mail, so the problem should be sorted out:

CrowdOx is having a woopsie right now, so the DLC keys haven’t been sent – no worries 😊 You’ll receive a mail later for the DLC code!

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2 years ago

Thank you, I'm in the same boat. 

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2 years ago

Taken from the Kickstarter Update:

What about the other rewards?

The digital rewards will be made available at full launch in 2021. The physical rewards should be sent / received within 3 months of the final launch date in 2021. 

The PDF will be released in 2021, not before^^