Cannot quit swamps zone due to Giant Rugan stucked

8 months ago (edited)


I cannot quit the swamps zone after freeing Rugan the giant from the forge faction prison in the zone.

The giant is blocked at the entrance of the cave and cannot go downstairs, it result to a message when trying to fast travel in the zone or quit it as the giant cannot follow the group. (text in french)

I cleaned up the entire zone and need to quit now to continue my game, which I cannot.

Save and load tried without success, as well as fly and teleport spells cannot be cast on the giant (jump does not unlock him).

Do you have an idea how to unlock this situation and be able to play?

Thanks a lot!


Level 14
8 months ago

If you have a Jump spell, it is easy to get him to the western exit. From the Forge camp, walk him that way until he can't go forward, hit him with Jump, and he can jump the remaining gaps. As soon as he hits an exit, he thanks you and leaves.