Cannot Defeat The Green Dragon (mind of the master/super ego)

2 months ago (edited)

edit, I have some good news. Thanks to players tips/guidance on the forum (as well as a lot of perseverance!) I was able to bind the Dragon in place with my archer/rogue build (who had ONE hit point!) using a poisoned ‘Burden’ arrow which restrained said beast and then I was finally able to defeat it. I used “burden“ because I needed a method to hold the Dragon in place due to its devastating wing/tail sweep which (unless you’re very very careful) causes multiple character damage.

I’ve relentlessly tried to defeat the Green Dragon. Unfortunately, I’m only level 8–9 and although I’ve succeeded in defeating all enemies up until this point I cannot defeat the Green Dragon after extinguishing the electricity pylons. I have been able to defeat the spectral soldiers but the dragon is just beyond me because at that point I have a little magic left and very low health. The trouble is, when I went to exit I discovered that I have to load a save all the way back to the lava forest which is a hell of a lot of work to abandon. So my question is, is there any way that I can exit “mind of the master“ or just before even one level earlier rather than have to lose so much hard work?

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