Can you make decent looking characters now?

1 year ago (edited)

That was really the only thing holding me back - players need to connect with their characters in RPGs and creating them with the look you want is a big part of that.

Level 8
1 year ago

To be frank, characters are looking pretty good, yes, it could perhaps be improved, but the game (especially Lost Valley) is amazing, characters are not that bad visually.

Among improvements:

- my female dwarf got a beard (thanks to a certain belt), the beard is wider that the face, so there's a space between the face and the beard, a bit weird, but no more than a beard on a female dwarf...

- some equipment isn't displayed on the character (helms, capes, rings, etc...)

- faces lack of refinement when zoomed in

- hairs look a bit like plastic

BUT none of this decrease my pleasure to play this AMAZING game, and I know the team will work on this when they'll have enough resources for that (and they'll do, this game will be a huge success).