Can you add more utility slots

5 months ago

I think it would be worthwhile or even a belt that added utility slots because it is frustrating going into inventory every time you use a scroll or item. Bg1 and 2 had good utility slot options.


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5 months ago

We are supposed to be limited to one inventory action per turn so it could cause some problems there. But I'd welcome utility slots that would put an item in the correct slot and automatically use it - it would save some inventory management.

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5 months ago

My Wizard cannot even have one single quick item or potion ...

His Arcane focus (or Component Pouch) somehow is the ONLY thing he can carry on his belt, hand, etc. 

Only one tiny pouch or tiny item, no pockets, handbag, etc.

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5 months ago (edited)

You can have your component pouch/arcane focus in your inventory and seems to cast fine.  
Never did try any casting without them (must give that a shot at some point), though I'd expect the normal factor would be to have them.

Could be nice to have say a belt item you can equip that allows the character to have more utility item slots.  That way you have to make a choice of wanting to use a magic belt or go for more quick slots (keeping the single use of it we have currently).

- Loswaith

Level 1
5 months ago

+1 some Slots 4 Potions and scroll is imho a must have. Change into the Equipment screen during combat is so immersion breaking (and takes time). 

Why choose something ohther than (half)elves?