Can we take a moment to appreciate the music?

Level 7
1 year ago (edited)

So when it comes to music, everyone can do it. It's like, here give a 3rd party some money, and buy some tracks. 

Orchestras are easy to get (a lot use the well known czech orchestra, as they are not so pricey) but there are many services for music production.
HOWEVER, usually it is always your bland classical symphony, with violins doing their main melody job.

In Solasta, I really feel the vibe the composition has set up. I haven't heard a single composition that is not really good. The minimalistic "mystical" explore music, that gives you vibes of "whats up ahead?", the combat music that is not too strong to get annoying after 4h of playing, but instead is just the right intensity, with a slight hook, but not too much of a hook so that you feel the repetitiveness.
The town music is relaxed and safe, the music of a sunny day in a bright town.

And it DOES help that nearly all of the tracks have strong roots in music from older games. It gives fans of the genre something to connect to immediatelly, while new players will not notice but just enjoy a good track. Very smart decision.
Like, the first few seconds of the main menu track, are very close to the Baldurs Gate vibe in the main menu. Exploration tracks are calm and mystical, similar to the Baldurs Gate exploration tracks, but also some Dragon Age 1 vibes.

If there will ever be a Solasta 2, or follow up RPG, I would be a big fan if you can keep that philosophy and the people that did this outstanding work. Music that FITS instead of music that is just more and more epic and overloaded with orchestral standard patterns.