Can we see mimics in full release? (And plus more random elements)

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It would be sad if we can't see these absolute heart-warming, pretty, adorable, charming, and lovable cuties of any D&D games in Solasta. If you worry about copyright, no worries. Mimic is SRD contents and Solasta has SRD license.

Since 5E no longer has the limitation of "stone and woods" for mimics, now mimic can be literally "anything". Not only chest boxes but also doors, windows, chandeliers (in this case, the mimic attacks player when they walk underneath him), rugs, statues, tables, chairs, books/tomes...or even any other animals or person. 

Well, we can't interact with rugs, tables, chairs, and status in Solasta. But still, imagine a book or a bookshelf or a door or a chandelier or a chest box, or a torch at the wall, or even a "seemingly interactable NPC"... or any interactable objects in Solasta suddenly morph into our absolute cutie and trying to swallow you in a single bite. Wouldn't it be absolutely fantastic and amazing? :) I'm very serious. 

It would be great if the game randomly generates mimics to "any" interactable object. "Randomness" is very important. Because, once the location of mimics is known, every single player of Solasta will know about this soon and the effect of "surprise" will be gone. This game's 40 hr playtime target is not long enough. So, replayability (and easier modding difficulty) would be the key to increase the playtime and $$$ for this game. Mimics, and other random puzzles or random traps, or random ambush engagements inside the dungeon (like ghoul ambush in Bone Keep before Aksha fight, but randomly placed) or other random elements, will be great for the replayability of this game because every single campaign will offer a totally different experience to players. 

Let's introduce an option for players to set the amount of randomly placed mimics. None, small, medium, large. Then, the easiest difficulty can use the "none" setting, and the toughest difficulty can use the "large" setting. 

If the mimic is not possible, then would it be possible to put data, animation, and properties/behaviorial AI/features of mimicing/shapeshifting for mimic in the game, so that modders can make their own mimic mod for Solasta? 

This is a bit different story, but in the end, I wish if Solasta can introduce a sort of random dungeon generator and offer some randomly-placed, randomly-generated dungeons in the game. Not like random world-map engagements, but a dungeon that appears randomly on the world map with a randomly-generated layout. Big, medium, and small-sized random dungeons. You can google "random dungeon generator" and there are already good scripts for TRPG dungeons. Why not for Solasta? 

We can't expect a dungeon editor due to limitations of the budget and manpower of TA, I respect that. But a random dungeon generator would fill the gap of the needs and scratch the itching point of players. Plus, a random dungeon generator wouldn't be time & resource-consuming when compared to a dungeon editor. (Yeah, I know it still wouldn't be easy though, but still easier than dungeon editor I assume) 

Well, human-made dungeons can stay in the game, but put more random elements like mimics so that players can't expect 100% the same things in their next playthrough. On top of these man-made dungeons, it would be great to see some "randomly generated" dungeons, which appear randomly throughout the different playthroughs, and its layout randomly changes in different playthroughs. They can be related to the main quest and main story, or just a side quest or side story, or they can be a pure element of surprise and fun as a non-quest dungeon. 

This will surely increase the replayability = average playtime & number of livestreams = $$$ of this game. 

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