Can we have a Player Stash in town?

Level 8
Kickstarter Backer
5 months ago

I think that if we're going to be based in town as employees of the council and sent out on missions, the least they can do is allow us the use of a couple empty wooden chests to store things.

Everything in the game except coinage has weight, and crafting requires ingredients AND a recipe. Without a stash, there are many ingredients harvested from creatures that I can't yet make use of. Carrying them around for ages isn't great, as they will over time accumulate in my inventory to the point where I cannot carry anything else without suffering penalty. (I'm not trying to carry back an entire armory of weapons and armor either - I'm leaving that stuff behind because it is heavy.) 

If I want to use those items later, selling them off will cost more to buy them back. Not to mention that there are things which I am not certain about their future use. Are gemstones useful required crafting components or spell components? I'm not sure, but I don't want to sell them only to discover later that they'll be really useful later.

Let us stash our spare stuff in a chest somewhere in town.

Level 9
5 months ago

Sounds good. Would be really nice to have such option.

Level 10
5 months ago

Agreed, I support this suggestion. Crafting will be a big issue in the later game from what I can tell, and having to carry around all of your unused ingredients is no fun.

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