Can reach side room in Tower of Magic

Level 2
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4 months ago

There is a side room in the tower of magic near the dragon statue that has a gap and a column to bridge the gap once you make it over.  Misty step, Spider climb, Jump, and fly cannot help bridge the gap. Is this bugged or is there a puzzle or something I haven't figured out?

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
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4 months ago

Will probably be moved a bit so it's easier to reach

Level 1
4 months ago

From a post on steam forums ("Wall Spider" = Spider Climb spell):

"As already mentioned, this should work 100%: Go on top of the wall, directly opposite of the treasure. Now use Wall Spider Spell on your Mage and climb down the wall (by giving a command to go downstairs). Now when you are in the middle of climbing down, give the command to walk to the treasure. Your mage will stop on the wall due to no pathing. Now you should be in range to Misty Step onto the platform! Congratulations to your first mage wand"

I can confirm that this does work even if it is pretty cheesy.

Level 6
4 months ago

Will probably be moved a bit so it's easier to reach

Ok but it was possible to reach with misty step before winter patch now seems impossible, did something change?  I really don't understand the fly spell since it seems to work more like levitate.  You should be able to fly across that gap.