Can I run Solasta directly from the executable?

Daniel Maia
Level 3
2 years ago


I have two important questions before buying the game.

Will Solasta run directly from the .exe file or do I need to launch it within Steam? What about if I use GoG instead?

Does the game necessarily need admin privileges to run or can I run it without?

I don´t have admin privileges on my high-end work computer, so I usually install the games on an old laptop and just copy the whole Steam/GoG folder to the high end work computer. It works only or games that answer 'yes' for both questions above.

Level 14
2 years ago

Well I actually don't recommend that because it can get you in trouble at work.... but... 

Yes I can initiate the Solasta Client directly from the Executable in the SteamApps folder. I don't know whether it needs admin or not though. 

Level 14
2 years ago

just dual boot with linux and by pass any security 

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