Can I dump all this stuff?

Level 2
3 months ago

Essentially the same qn for all: apart from clues/flavour, are they any specific use to anybody, or just sell/dump them?

* Adventurer's Journal showing the path through the maze - have completed maze
* Adventurer's Notes references Aksha - have completed maze
* Book - The Early Days Of Coparann - have exposed Sorak leader & moved on from Coparann (not sure if this "completes" Coparann or whether we return later)
* Dead Cleric Letter (x2 - same content)
* Dragon's Den Advertisement (have not found Dragon's Den yet)
* Dusty Old Book showing rune puzzle in Coparann - have solved both
* Farewell Letter - to L from J
* Farewell Letter - from Estralla (have beaten that fight)
* Imperial Mage Report - seems to be a clue about using Tongues to understand some creatures (have not yet met or done this)
* Journal of Emtan Darwaz - says the factions would be interested but doesn't have the usual description showing who is interested
* Lizzaria's Journal (have completed maze)
* Love Poem
* Tragic Love Letter - from Merilyn
* Unfinished Biography
* Workers Letter - have completed Ruined Tower
* Old Notebook - I started with this so seems will be useful at some point
* Strange Letter - from Razan
* Adrasteia's Plea

Level 1
3 months ago (edited)

This post has been deleted.

Level 12
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3 months ago

It's lore, I like roleplaying so I keep everything in my trunk, but nothing prevents you from getting rid of it by reselling it.

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