Camera angle options

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1 year ago

The camera angles in this game are PURE FRUSTRATING MADNESS!!!

Please make an auto-following option that centers on the leader of the party.

I forgot how much I hated manually having to WASD my view with my left hand just to keep the party centered until I bought the DLC and started playing again.

Also, please make a first-person view camera option to see from the active character's eyes.

When I zoom (mouse wheel) all the way into the character to try to emulate the desired 1st person experience, I get a lovely image of the ground, as if the character's eyes are too ashamed to look up, making this view completely useless.

Again, your cameras angles have been awful since the very beginning and remain so.  FIX THIS PLEASE.

You should also add a, "max frames per second" option.  This game is setting my PC on fire with unnecessary frame updates when nothing is moving.  The player should be able to lower this (60, 50, 30, 24, 15, etc).

BTW, good luck tomorrow.  I hope your country doesn't elect the Nazi-lady (Marine Le Pen) who is a fan of Putin and Trump.  The US stupidly keeps trying that right-wing, strong-man, white nationalist approach.  And look at how, "great" we are now...  Hope France can learn from America's (and the UK's) mistakes.

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1 year ago
complete agreement
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1 year ago