Caer Lem Rotating Bridge is.... well.... already rotated.

1 year ago

Trying to go back for a side quest and it would seem the bridge has not reset.... tried the ol' cast flight on the rogue and hope for the best, but alas.... this was a bridge too far (pls don't ban me :P)

Anyhow, seems like a bug, so here to report it. 

Level 7
1 year ago

You're right. 

Re-read your side quest though. There might be two of something...

1 year ago

I have a similar problem, I am going through the underworld in Caer Lem for the third time (I missed a relic for a quest once), and I have no way out. The bridge is turned the wrong way and the spells don't help, even the flight doesn't work. Please help!