Caer Lem caves, lighting wall sconces, inconsistent activation location

Level 1
2 years ago

After crossing the rotating bridge (very cool!), you enter an dark area with Soraks. Lighting the wall sconces is a great way to get more light into the area to counteract the dim light disadvantage. Before finding out that Firebolt does the job far more effectively, I sent the rogue in with a torch, staying dark until close to a sconce. However, if I activated the wall sconce without a flaring object, it would direct me to a different stand location than if I activated it with a flaring object. These would differ wildly from each other and seemed to change around as I desperately swapped back and forth between having the torch lit or not.

In this "dungeon" the game would also offer activation locations for wall sconces that were clearly inaccessible. e.g. on wall sections overhanging a drop.