Caer Laem bridge does not reset after the second time using it and reentering that dungeon part

Level 3
1 year ago (edited)

after accepting the sidequest "Find a Sorak Relic" you are tasked to enter the Sorak encampment in Caer Laem, due to the camera angle i missed the access point within the camp, crossed the bridge faught the now spawned spiders and left the dungeon, as i didnt finished the quest i reentered the camp found the spawn point for the sorak assasins, only to be traped in that part of the cavern as the bridge did not reset (unable to reach the turning point) and you cant leave the that part through the entrance either.

the brigde is outside of mistystep reach, the walls to the sides are not accessable via e.g. the spell spider climb or potions of climb(as it is bugged anyway :D )