Building Anticipation and Hype with Dice Rolls

Level 2
6 months ago

I really like the graphical dice to show the dice roll results. I think the tension of dice rolls is an important part of D&D. Watching the d20 roll tip from a 3 to an 18. The problem I have with the dice rolls is they are too fast and the animation shows you the results before you can read the dice. A few disconnected ideas for options I had while playing for a few hours:

* When an enemy attacks your characters have an option to show your heroes AC first, then the enemy's bonus, then roll the dice. This will provide maximum tension / hype. When your heroes are attacking the bad guys reverse it.

* Have an option to leave the dice on the screen for longer. Most of the time I can't process the result before they disappear, especially when it's two sets of rolls (attack and damage).

* Have an option to prompt before rolling the damage dice, or increase the pause. Adds some anticipation when a big hit, especially a crit, is scored.

* Have an option to perform all rolls before showing the animation. Not sure if this would work in execution but it could increase anticipation / hype for big hits or kills. Especially if being told if you killed the enemy or not is delayed until after the animation. If I notice I crit, I can follow the animation and see if I killed them or not.

Unrelated, but doesn't deserve it's own post. I'd like to see a breakdown of bonuses in the game log. I'm getting a +8 to hit and I have no idea why.