Level 3
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2 years ago

Some observations:

-Personality flags are out of sync between Backround overlay and detail pane after alignment choice. You have to choose from both panes to progress. Maybe I am just not getting how they interact.

-Elemental (fire) domain has the spell list from Elemental(lightning) in the character creation screens.

-Moving Dancing Lights, does not work across gaps?

-"Lair of Filth" not completable after you clear Caer Lem. Would not show complete for me.

-Numerous issues with lighting and "unlit". Getting disadvantage for "unlit" enemies 5 ft away when character has dark vision. Due to lighting conditions, characters without dark vision not very viable. With dark vision, there should not be any disadvantage on attack within the dark vision range. Even without dark vision, dimly lit foes should present disadvantage on Perception only, not attacks per RAW.

-If a Cleric domain gives proficiency for Heavy Armor, the character should be able to choose Chain Mail as starting equipment. Maybe the order of these two choices is a problem?

-Some oddities observed with inventory in the last castle where gold is chosen from a kill, but somehow a scroll or other item is selected instead.

-Some oddities with range of powers/spells due to elevation change between the parties. This could be me not understanding how elevation is a part of range.

Overall I am loving the game. I especially like the reaction mechanism. This is the first game that has ever gotten this right or done it well.

Level 5
2 years ago

I have the save issue for Lair of Filth side quest

Darkvision gets disadvantage on unlit creatures, and normal on dim lit. non darkvision gets disadvantage on unlit and dim lit creatures. It was a dev choice. I have had issues where if I light cantrip some armor or clothing, 5ft away creatures are dim lit.