Bugs/Issues in Demo (as of 9/25/2020)

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2 years ago


I finally was able to complete the demo. Had to take a break because of soul-crushing work load. Some of these are not bugs, so much as issues with the game not providing enough information to the player.

  1. In the first encounter with spiders when I entered the ruins, I had the rogue using stealth to scout ahead. There didn't appear to be any stealth check, combat just started. I was expecting him to roll a perception check to see them, them to roll a check to see him and him to roll a stealth check. None of that happened according to the little box that shows rolls. Not sure if this is expected game play
  2. Given the elevation of the spiders, it's very difficult to understand whether you are in melee range or not. I finally figured out that when your movement is red, that means you are going to get hit by an opportunity attack or better known as "hey, you're in melee range". Maybe when showing players the movement grid, highlight the grids red that would mean you are moving into melee range?
  3. There is no prompt that your movement will incur opportunity attacks. I think this should be an optional message for people since being in melee range isn't extremely obvious at first
  4. You cannot disarm traps with thieves tools. You can stand on the trap and have a rock fall on your head though. Please fix this. If I can detect the trap, I should be able to disarm it.
  5. This has been reported before, but if you are in stealth and initiate combat, you cannot seem to get out of it. At least, I couldn't figure out how.
  6. The first short rest I took, I was able to roll my hit dice. I decided to reload (I forget why) and when I did a short rest again, I could no longer roll hit dice. No idea why. Also, it allows you to use Arcane Recovery even if it doesn't benefit you (i.e. you haven't used any spell slots that are eligible for Arcane Recovery). Arcane Recovery should be greyed out to prevent people from wasting it when it doesn't benefit the player
  7. Dual wielding does not appear to be implemented. When I gave Ruad a shortsword and dagger or a longsword and dagger, he was only swinging with his main hand. Kind of defeats the purpose....I also didn't see as part of his bonus actions the option to swing with his offhand weapon. I hope this is a bug!
  8. I noticed partial and half cover being provided often, even when the little line from your character to the enemy appears to be unobstructed. I think it would be very helpful to not just have a tiny icon next to your attack icon that indicates cover, but instead highlight in red the obstacles in the way. Also, it would be nice if the little line from character to enemy would have an indicator (color? icon? both) that told you who would be covered from a ranged attack if you moved there.
  9. This has been reported, but lovely epileptic seizure light show goes on once you reach the orc camp and happens sporadically afterwards
  10. Cut scenes force the entire party to move to a certain spot. This is annoying when you're trying to scout ahead with the rogue. I guess I don't have a problem with it if it won't hurt the party to do so
  11. In the area after the orcs with multiple elevations, there is often excessive zoom that happens when you move the camera around the map. Do not auto-zoom, let the player zoom if they need to. That may be your intent and this could just be a bug.
  12. Dark vision doesn't seem to be working right. When my dark vision enabled characters (like my elf) were within melee range, they had disadvantage.
  13. It would be really helpful to have a visual indicator when a chest or door is locked. Also, if they are trapped.
  14. When leaving the final stage and finishing the demo, the camera appears to lock up and you can no longer move it around


2 years ago

During the demo game there appears to be a bug that appears randomly and prevents clicking on traps, lighting the oil coated rocks, opening chests, or clicking on secret walls.  The only resolution to this bug is to save the game and completely exit the game (exit all menus of the game) back to the Steam Play button, and then start the game and load the save.  You should now be able to click on traps to disarm, open chests, ignite the oil coated rocks, and click on secret walls.  This bug also kicks in with fights and you cannot attack or use magic on the enemy.