Bugs with Magic Items.

2 years ago (edited)

Loving the game so far. The bugs I have ran into tend to focus on magic items. As they come up I will list them.

The wands wont let me attune after a rest so they are in my inventory and even while equipped I cannot use them.

The ring of protection is not giving the +1 to AC it says it is after being attuned (The only item so far that allowed me to attune.)

Also the Bracers of Archery don't seem to increase the rolls either. (Actually, they do, but so far a message pops up over the characters head even for melee attacks and says something along the line of "FeedbackArcheryBracers" and another 2 pops up over the enemy.

The Quest for Angbi's Bones, while talking to Angbi in the graveyard, a subtitle showed the file name rather than the actual subtites at the end along the lines of "Polite_response_Angbi etc.etc."

Besides all that, the game has been incredible so far and I can't wait for more. This is my first experience with a *true* DnD style game that shows the rolls, and although my paladin loves to screw me and give me constant 1 rolls, the game has me hooked.

Level 11
2 years ago

Did you update to version 0.3.3 yet? It's supposed to fix some of those issues. Specifically the ring and the wands. Also, you might have to identify unidentified items before using their active perks.