bugs that annoy me

1 year ago

Mage armor is supposed to last 8 hours but goes away after a short rest (1 hour).

Create Food doesn't work at all. The travel option to use it is always grayed out, and if you cast it manually the food vanishes at random intervals.

Also it doesn't look like there's any way to stop and cast a spell in the middle of travel? 'interrupt' literally just stops the clock from moving, you still can't do anything, not even adjust travel preferences.

The chest in the temple of mirai (or whatever) for the birthday quest can only be attempted once unless you pay. If you stop paying you can never open it and it doesn't even let you start paying again. The text implies that you can come back after you improve your skill but that doesn't work.

Characters really like to path through squares that will draw AoOs for no reason.

Flaming Sphere can only be moved once, so you can't move it around a corner and have it attack.

It doesn't look like there's any way to end combat except for killing all the enemies? The minor gate in the dark castle teleported me too close to the gates and the skeletons on the walls aggro'd. I ran to the far corner of the map where they couldn't see me but there was no way to end combat, so I had to go all the way back and kill them all.

After getting the crown rune data for the handy haversack, there was no new quest on the board and the old quest was just repeated but couldn't be selected.

Hypnotic pattern's cube placement requires you to target the square in the middle of the bottom face of the cube, which can make it really hard to get enemies on ledges or stairs.