Bugs, suggestion and feedback

Level 1
2 years ago (edited)


- My nice, kind, altruistic persuasion paladin was selected for deception and intimidation constantly. She's got the crown. Aristocrat: formal, altruism, lawfulness, kindness and she's got the highest persuasion. Kinda REALLY problematic when my 0 cha wizard and cleric keep getting the persuasion options. Does Crown influence your tags? It was a very problematic situation when my character could not do the things she was skilled at and was forced to become this lying and bloodthirsty killer.

Could a system be added that allows you to force tag the "specialist" to certain checks. Highest persuasion getting persuasion etc. Only one such locked in role per character. I would like to ensure my persuasion focused paladin gets to use their persuasion while my deception rogue could lie.

In discord another person suggested that due to party members having too similar tags the game simply chose them somewhat randomly to act in such ways to create diversity among the characters. Might this be the case? I would voice concern that such a system is not conductive to RP part of the game as it would make the tags and you picture of the characters null.

- Expanding inventory too much (new lines) sometimes makes items disappear. Often happens after creating a "sixth" line of inventory and moving items to their inventory. If a row is only 1 slot away from being filled moving an item from ally to there make the item disappear. Removing the only item in such a 6th or lower row starts deleting items.

Slight workaround: Ensure each of 6+ new rows always has at least 2 items in there. That seems to keep the game from deleting items. Highly tedious and problematic.

- Spells can not be upcast like jump, misty step,shield, mage armor etc. By RAW/RAI you can cast any lower level spell at a higher slot, even if the spell gains nothing from upcasting it.

General bugs

- Aristocrat does not receive intimidation proficiency. They only receive persuasion and history.

- Unequipping  a javelin equipped in a weapon slot while having a stack of javelins in inventory makes the stack vanish.

- Something to help shield + weapon fighting and weapon load out swapping. You should not need 2 shields to effectively have a javelin/throwing axe as a back up when you change your weapon load out.

- Path finding needs improvement. At undead castle against ghouls rogue decided to jump from rock to rock instead of walking there. Rogue was the spider subclass so climbing doesn't cost them extra movement. My wizard also multiple times elected to jump instead of walking from elevated position to another.

I believe XCOM 2 had a system where you could waypoint the path you wanted your character to take. Something similar could be very useful.

- Aksha's lair window boardings did not highlight during the fight. I assume this happens with other similar objects. The chandeliers come to might during castle fights. Only after the fight I was able to target them.

- Light cantrip damaged vampires in Aksha's lair. The cnatrip doesn't generate sunlight. Neither does Daylight spell. Earliest spell that generates sunlight is Sunbeam.

- Could not attune to wand of lightning bolt from vampire lair castle. From the stone slab puzzle area.

- Wands did not recharge. Tested on wand of magic missiles.

- Unable to choose to use haste action before using real action. PNP allows them to be used in either order. I'd like to be able to dash to the far away enemies with my hasted action and then smack them with my normal action.

- Ready action needs additional triggers. Ally moving withing melee range of enemy, ability to trigger it freely and not us when enemy enters LOS. Ability to hold spells and powers.By PNP raw you can choose to trigger your held action even if the condition you set out doesn't happen.

- Stackable items that need identifying reset their identified status when new items are looted to a party member with already identified versions. Seen on +1 arrows and various potions.

- Feats are broken.

- Prepared spells reset on level up when you get new spells so you must remember to re-adjust also the prepared list each time.


- Plate armor's helmet hides the crown. Could an option to toggle helmet be added? I love how the crown looks and would be shame to hide it.

- splitting up a stack is somewhat difficult. An option to selecting the number to remove from the original stack could make life much easier.

- A possible storage chest in the city or maybe via the scavengers could be quite helpful for storing crafting materials, enchanting gear and such.

- A way to delete multiple saves at once. Deleting them one by one is quite slow and tedious.