Bugs I've encountered - Game Version 1.1.11

Level 3
1 year ago

As a preface, I've experienced most of these bugs playing user created content from the Dungeon Maker.  However, I believe they apply to the main campaign.  Some of these have been mentioned before, but I'll include them here again.

1. Spells

Cantrip: Acid Splash.  Can't select a second target no matter how close the 2 opponents are.

Lightning Bolt: Passes through walls.  At least it doesn't bounce like it did in Baldur's Gate 1/2.

Mind Twist: Incapacitated creatures still do attacks of opportunity.

2. Feats

Follow Up Attack: does not work with Versatile Weapons wielded with both hands.  Heck, since versatile weapons are generally lighter than full on 2-handed weapons, this seems to be a definite oversight.

3. Miscellaneous

Dragon breath weapons. Passes through walls like lightning bolts.

Fire Osprey.  Should always be lit.  Makes no sense to attack a fire-based being at a disadvantage because you're in the dark. Also, when getting the "On Fire" effect from the osprey, it says it's due to a fire spider.

Large creatures and cover.  I don't think cover is working properly when fighting large+ sized creatures.  I was on a ledge fighting a Sorr Akath abomination, who was also on the ledge with me. There was a "bump" in the well (a recessed pillar so that only a quarter or so of it projected beyond the wall).  I got a -2 penalty to-hit because of it.  Maybe if it was a small creature that would have made sense.

Large creatures occupying the same space.  I once had 4, yes, that's right, four, ogres occupy the same space.  I just recently had 2 Sorr-Akath abominations occupy the same space.  Hard to know which one you're targeting on top of the fact it shouldn't be physically possible.